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Cyrus Operating As Cyrus Landscaping Inc. is a dedicated service provider focusing on lawn service, snow removal for Greater Calgary area. We offer free landscape design consultation, soft and hardscape Installation. Start thinking early about the spring clean up service and see the difference in your green lawn for the season. We commit on an ongoing lawn maintenance and weed control.

We are devoted in yard care treatment and snow services for our clients. We have been helping make Greater Calgary lawns healthy and beautiful since 2011. We value clarity and take action to meet your needs, from walks and driveway snow removal to sod and walkway installation. Start your landscape maintenance service followed by an ongoing lawn mowing and garden-services by acting early in the season to have healthy lawn.
At Cyrus Landscaping, we are proud to provide care for all seasons. Whether it is planting flower beds in the spring or snow removal in the winter, Cyrus Landscaping is dedicated to keep your lawn in excellent shape. As a professional lawn care business operating in Calgary, we are happy to serve our customers, whether it is for their garden lawns at home, or professional courts and grounds at their places of business. With Cyrus Landscaping, our customers can enjoy an extensive list of services that cover your landscaping requirements throughout the year.